About Us

We invest in bioscience to accelerate medical innovation.

At Ethical Bioscience Investments, our mission is to provide unique high-yield opportunities for sophisticated investors looking to invest across the global bioscience sector.

A member of bioscience enterprise The iQ Group Global, EBI investments are carefully vetted and validated by our scientific and investment committees, comprised of highly-qualified professionals experienced in the monetisation, corporatisation, commercialisation, risk profiles and value creation process of life science innovations. With our unique investment strategy, our experts carefully select and validate late-discovery or pre-clinical stage life science companies, with assets that have potential for significant value appreciation.

Ethical Bioscience Investment Fund Pty Ltd. trading as ‘Ethical Bioscience Investments’ is a Corporate Authorised Representative (AFSL Auth. Rep. No. 001246020) of iQX Investment Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 451144). iQX Investment Services Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary and the AFSL holder of iQX Ltd, an investment company of The iQ Group Global that invests in and provides specialist investment banking services to companies across the life science sector.

The trustee of the Noteholders is Equity Trustees Limited, ABN 46 004 031 298.

Bioscience is the DNA of tomorrow’s medicines.

With global healthcare under unprecedented pressure, innovation must accelerate like never before.

Population increase, rising life expectancy, urbanisation and the spread of infectious diseases demand a new frontier for bioscience innovation to ensure the right medicines are developed when the world needs them most.

At Ethical Bioscience Investments, we invest across the entire bioscience sector – from chemical, biologic, genetic pharmaceutical interventions, to advanced point of care diagnostics, medicine nanorobotics, all at the forefront of medical research.

Investment Philosophy

As a subsidiary of The iQ Group Global, Ethical Bioscience Investments holds a competitive advantage when reviewing investments within the bioscience sector.

The iQ Group Global is a unique enterprise that converges bioscience with investment banking and commercialisation to accelerate innovation and bring new therapeutic interventions to the world. This gives Ethical Bioscience Investments the capability to make informed and educated investments, add value to investee companies, and mitigate downside risk for investors to positively impact the future of healthcare.

At Ethical Bioscience Investments, our scientific and investment committees only approve investments in ventures with a clear competitive advantage. Our investment doctrine stems from our validation trinity: Science, People, Financials.

About The iQ Group Global

The Biosensor Diagnostic Platform

The Biosensor platform is a small, organic strip that will put the power of accurate, timely diagnosis in the hands of patients and their primary health practitioners.

TEX Core Oncology Platform

A world first platform, TEX Core allows the creation of novel oncology compounds that can be delivered directly to tumor cells with minimal side effects.